New skin research is demonstrating how vital skin tone is to age and beauty perceptions, and scientists are gaining new insights into why skin’s luminosity and uniformity of tone tends to degenerate with age. Lumiderma’s skincare is highly focused on developing new therapeutic formulations to boost skin clarity, glow and continuous radiance.

Skin Radiance Declines with Age


LUMIDERMA Intelligence

Driven by new findings about how chromophores change with age and affect skin tone and luminosity, Lumiderma takes the research to the next level by delivering highly effective formulations based on synergy value of scientifically and clinically proven ingredients.

The Psychology of Beauty:
Skin Clarity Matters!

Independent Study: The Impact of Skin Luminousity on Age Perception

A new study in skin biology was conducted to determine the impact of facial skin tone on the perception of a woman’s age, health and attractiveness, independent of facial form and skin texture.

The study found: Based on age estimates by raters, chromophore concentration and distribution may account for up to 10-12 years of age perception, independent of form and skin surface texture and it has a major influence on judgements of overall health, youth and attractiveness.


Clinical study performed with 3% Ethyl Ascorbic Acid + 0.5% Hydroxycinnamic Acid+ 1.5% Acetyl Glucosamine containing Serum on 20 Caucasian women demonstrated significant improvement in skin brightening even-tone, radiance and overall glowing skin complexion in only 8 weeks.