New anti-aging research is demonstrating how vital skin tone is to age and beauty perceptions. Whether a luminous skin tone, a porcelain-like skin complexion or a bronze tan are desired, an even, radiant and youthful complexion are always fundamental to looking beautiful!


Lumiderma line is a revolutionary beauty brand created in 2013 in New York as a result of years of research in skincare chemistry and cosmetic science. Our goal is to deliver high performance products, clinical-grade that would provide women the opportunity to discover a healthy , glowing & radiant dimension of their skin.


New skin research is demonstrating how vital skin tone is to age and beauty perceptions, and scientists are gaining new insights into why skin’s luminosity and uniformity of tone tends to degenerate with age. Lumiderma’s skincare is highly focused on developing new therapeutic formulations to boost skin clarity, glow and continuous radiance.

Driven by new findings about how chromophores change with age and affect skin tone and luminosity, Lumiderma takes the research to the next level by delivering highly effective formulations based on synergy value of scientifically and clinically proven ingredients.


Lumiderma skincare is highly dedicated to providing superior anti-aging solutions backed by compelling science using clinically proven, pharmaceutical quality grade ingredients. Our skincare line is specifically formulated to boost skin radiance, luminosity and glow while correcting the signs of aging and maintaining healthy skin.

Clinical Results
with Empirical Data Proving Extreme Effectiveness

Our breakthrough formulas contain synergistic levels of active ingredients that are being scientifically and clinically proven to penetrate optimally into the skin and delivering true results: radiant, luminous and healthy looking complexion.
Clinical studies performed with 3% Ethyl Ascorbic Acid + 0.5% Hydroxycinnamic Acid+ 1.5% Acetyl Glucosamine containing Serum on 20 Caucasian women demonstrated significant improvement in skin brightening even-tone, radiance and overall glowing skin complexion in only 8 weeks.